Why Simple Engagement Rings Are Being Chosen By Women?

There are a lot of girls who just want a big stone in their engagement ring to show it to the world and proclaim that they are about to be married. Apart from these girls, there is another section of girls who want their engagement ring to be a simple affair. There is absolutely no issue in wanting a simple engagement ring. The trend of simple engagement rings is back on a rise again and more and more girls are opting for it. Here we will tell you about why more and more women prefer to keep their engagement ring as simple as it can get.

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Plain and simple engagement rings save money

It is a very simple equation that the more money you spend, the bigger the stone you get. The more the money you can spend, the fancier your engagement ring will be. If you have got truckloads of money to spend on your engagement ring and you have sorted out rest of the expenses then surely go ahead and get a fancy ring for yourself with a big stone, but if you are a girl who wants to save money for your marriage as well as for your honeymoon trip then you can save a big amount of your money by reducing the size of the center stone in your engagement ring. You can opt for a less expensive stone, for example, you can get a ring with moissanite. Even after doing this, your engagement ring can still be beautiful.

In simple engagement rings, quality speaks 

When a person chooses a diamond he or she looks for four C’s. These four C’s are color, carat, clarity and the last one being cut. While choosing the stone if you opt for a smaller carat stone, then you can focus on the other three C’s of the stone and can go for a stone that is of higher quality. Delicate diamond rings can also give a brilliant shine when they get the right clarity as well as the right cut.

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The simpler the engagement ring, the lesser the stress 

If you are the kind of person who has a habit of taking stress in every single thing of his or her life, then there can’t be a better thing for you than a small engagement ring. The sheer fact that you haven’t spent a large sum of money on your ring can give you a lot of peace while sleeping.

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Make your choice with a custom engagement ring

 In the end, you can get to reflect your one of a kind style with a custom made engagement ring. You can search in a browser regarding custom engagement rings Toronto in your area.

These are some of the reasons because of which women nowadays are preferring simple engagement rings over their expensive counterparts. Getting an expensive engagement ring is not the wrong thing to do. It is just a matter of priority. You can choose whatever suits you best. For exciting trends and insights, read here!

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