Bridal Gowns

Congratulations – you are a bride, a queen of his heart and the main event at the wedding. Your royal dress will determine everything – the décor style and colors for the venue, the bridesmaid dresses and even the color of the groom’s vest and necktie! Just remember – it is very important to determine exactly what kind of bride are you: a modern one, a traditional one, or a bride willing to experiment. We’ll take it from here!

Just like a rare diamond needs a unique setting, you are a one-of-a-kind bride who needs a truly outstanding wedding dress. Bridal gowns of your dreams – only at The Bridal Suite! Your childhood dreams will come true with our help. You will become a fairytale princess for the most important day of your life, as you pick the right style and the right bridal gown. The Bridal Suite offers you many exquisite dress designs. To help you choose, we divided our collection into four main categories: American wedding, European wedding, Destination wedding and Plus size wedding dresses.

American Wedding
American bridal gowns are simple, yet elegant and exquisite. They are a definition of modern elegance for a modern bride – a million-dollar look in a classic dress. They are mostly floor-length strapless chiffon, taffeta, organza, lace, tulle or satin gowns, with or without delicate embroidery. American bridal gowns mainly come in white, ivory or cream, and the embroidery is usually silver (gold embroidery is available for certain styles). Let the Bridal Suite match you with an American bridal gown of your dreams!

European Wedding
European bridal gowns are sophisticated show-stoppers with their exquisite details, rich colors, abundant embroidery and a multitude of styles. These royal gowns are fit for a queen, and come in a variety of colors – from white, cream and ivory to orange, red and light pink! Many designs are truly bold and unique – make sure to try on a European bridal gown during your next visit to The Bridal Suite!

Destination wedding
Destination wedding is an ideal way to have a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding of your dreams! Regardless of where your travels take you, our selection of destination wedding gowns is right for any setting – from the Caribbean beach to the Mediterranean cruise. Our destination wedding gowns are a definition of elegance and simplicity, which is reflected in delicate fabrics and exquisite styles. Let the Bridal Suite consultants work their magic and have the wedding of your dreams in a perfect dress!

Plus size wedding dresses
Our plus size collection features elegant, romantic and unique wedding gowns in a variety of styles – from traditional long-train gowns to modern strapless and corset gowns. Our satin, chiffon, taffeta, tulle and organza plus size gowns appeal to the eye with eloquent beading, embroidery and exquisite details. The Bridal Suite plus size wedding gowns collection is here to enhance your beauty and make you a real star of your wedding!